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Top 10 best packing tips 

You’ve heard of rolling clothes instead of folding them to save space in your bag. You probably also know about shoving belts and socks into your shoes when you travel, but you can never hear too many good ideas when it comes to packing light. These are our Top 10 best packing tips…

5 things you absolutely need in your carry-on

There are some things never to be without in a carry-on. While I wouldn’t be caught dead without my smartphone or laptop on a flight, and bringing medications and toiletries are other must-haves, these are our picks for other can’t-do-without items. 

Where crashing sea meets rain forest; BC’s luxury Wickaninnish Inn

Clinging to the rocks on Canada’s west coast, The Wickaninnish Inn is one of the most beautiful and exclusive resorts in the country.
Located in stormy Tofino BC, the inn has just 75 rooms, and each one has a stunning ocean view. Though it can be stormy in winter, that’s precisely the lure for some; storm watching from the comfort of your room — or even your soaker tub — is mesmerizing.

Best food travel gadgets

Travelling often means spontaneous meals out at great restaurants, or grabbing a quick bite on the go. But savvy travellers know that making a plan to eat and drink well while on a trip can make a long journey feel more comfortable. Packing these gadgets in your carry-on or checked bag ensures your morning cup of coffee wakes you up right. Having the right equipment may also allow you to have a relaxing cocktail in your room after a long day — without paying hotel markup.