Top 10 best packing tips 

You’ve heard of rolling clothes instead of folding them to save space in your bag. You probably also know about shoving belts and socks into your shoes when you travel, but you can never hear too many good ideas when it comes to packing light. These are our Top 10 best packing tips:top 10 packing tips best travel suitcase carry on

Packing Tip 1: Use compression sacks

There are many sizes of these versatile bags available. They have a zip-lock top, and once they’re full, you roll them to squeeze out excess air. They can double the amount of space inside your bag and when they’re not in use they take up no more space than a piece of paper. Eagle Creek bags are a staff favourite.

Packing Tip 2:  Invest in a pair of versatile flats

A top pick among travellers in our circle is Tieks; these magical shoes, once featured on Oprah, fold in half for easy packing, but unfold into comfy flats that not only make long walks easier, but they also come in an astonishing array of colours and styles.

Packing Tip 3:  Save free samples

Keep samples of moisturizer, hairspray, shaving cream etc., and bring those on your trip instead of full or travel size versions. Not only does it save space, but the single-use sizes mean you can toss them out after you’re done, lightening the luggage load as you go.

Packing Tip 4: Pack a pashmina

Not only does it work as a chic scarf or wrap, it can double as a blanket on a cold flight.

Packing Tip 5:  Organize your bag

Use color-coordinated packing cubes or bags to sort your clothes. No more hunting through an entire suitcase to find a pair of underwear, or a T-shirt; everything is organized by clothing type.

Packing Tip 6: Ziploc bags are your friendtop 10 packing tips best travel suitcase carry on

Keep a stash of ziplocks in a pocket of your suitcase. They can keep toiletries from spilling, they can securely wrap food souvenirs, help keep contents organized, and also hold wet bathing suits.

Packing Tip 7:  Plan your wardrobe before you go

Try to keep your clothes to as few colors as possible, and make sure everything can be worn together.  For a week-long trip, plan to wear everything twice, but in different configurations. Changing up your jewelry, or your aforementioned scarf can keep things looking fresh in photos. Pack things like tank dresses that can be changed up by adding a coordinating T-shirt over top.

Packing Tip 8:  Convertible clothing is a space-saver

Invest in a couple of pieces of versatile convertible clothing; a top that can be wrapped in several different ways, or a long skirt that, when you pull it up, doubles as a strapless dress.

Packing Tip 9:  Pack old underwear

That’s right, take your old underwear on a trip. That way, after you wear it, you can simply toss it in the garbage, lightening your baggage along the way.

Packing Tip 10:  Make a packing list and store it on your phone

Keeping a list on your phone keeps essentials top of mind, even when you’re packing in a rush. That way when last-minute trips come up you won’t be as inclined to forget things. Keep different versions of the list based on whether you’re going on business trips, tropical vacations, or other voyages.

As airline luggage fees rise, making the most of the space you have is a must. Of course, if you’re checking a bag, don’t forget to consider one of the many luggage tracking devices or even suitcases that have GPS built in. If the bag happens to go missing you’ll know instantly, and be able to see for yourself where it ends up.

What’s your top packing tip? Post it in comments below.