Travel Blog: The Las Vegas Neon Museum

IMG_0656Maybe you’re not the gambling type and now you’re wondering how you can while away the hours in America’s capital of sun, fun, and sin.    That was my predicament, when a Google search turned up this unique and fascinating find in Fabulous Las Vegas. The Neon Museum has one of the largest collections of its kind of old casino, club and venue signs, many dating back to the city’s heyday.  Most of the 150 signs are exhibited in “The Boneyard”.

Our tour guide wound us through this small but jam-packed fenced off area and shared stories for several of the signs.  Some are rusting and decrepit.  Others are being gently refurbished. The signs have, for the most part been donated; either by businesses like the big casinos, or by sign companies that built or maintained them.

The visitor’s centre has recently been updated, by the donation, and renovation of it’s gorgeous shell-shaped mid-century modern La Concha Motel Lobby building. The building was moved from its original location to the museum grounds in 2006, where it’s only recently been opened.